Yes friends, I am running for Los Angeles City Council.

You may have heard the news. It’s true,I am officially running for LA City Council. I am writing for your support. Please here to add your name to the list of endorsements. 

I am also asking our supporters to support our campaign with a donation:

It has been an incredible journey and a joy to help lead the most impressive turn arounds in public education in America. Let’s face it, LAUSD had decades of academically underperforming schools most impacting students of color, women and working class families.  Today that has changed, graduation rates are at their highest level yet!

To improve student performance we demanded more of ourselves, our staff and our students. We built more schools, raised teacher pay, expanded successful programs, and pushed each other to be great. We still have a long way to go, but I am proud to say our schools across LAUSD have improved remarkably.

We are now poised for our next chapter together as we take our zeal and uncompromising commitment to excellent public service to the Los Angeles City Council. 

I am asking for your help. A donation of up to $800 would be great, following us on social media would be awesome and joining us on this journey would be amazing. 

Thank you,

Mónica García