Monica's Plan for Homes

Let's Raise Expectations Homes Plan


We’ve settled for less for too long.  You deserve better. We can rein in rents. We can provide a place for everyone to live.  

1. Multi-Billion Housing Bond

Organize housing bond coalition to build units that are within the budgets of working-class families.  Build enough to rein in rents in our neighborhoods. Create good paying jobs. 

2. Shelter and Homes for Everyone

Within four years, provide shelter and supportive services for all who need it within the district and then challenge other districts to do the same.

3. Treat Our Homeless with Dignity

Ensure shelters help people get back on their feet by taking in everyone.  Ensure everyone receives mental health and addiction services. 

4. Keep People at Home Emergency Grants

Build on and expand existing emergency programs to keep people struggling to make ends meet in their current homes.   

5. Community Watchdogs

Work with property owners and tenants in “hot sub-markets” to enforce new rent stabilization and eviction laws.