Monica Garcia for
Los Angeles City Council

"We are now poised for our next chapter together as we take our zeal and uncompromising commitment to excellent public service to the Los Angeles City Council."

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Monica garcia

"Monica Garcia has deep roots in the Eastside and is widely recognized as a champion for our kids. She has stood with the community on many important issues ... We need her continued voice more than ever.
Maria Brenes
Boyle Heights Community Leader
“Mónica García has proven time and time again her commitment to making our lives better. Mónica doesn’t just know the community, she is a part of it. Her support is deep and I am honored to support her.”
Janice Hahn
LA County Board of Supervisors
“Monica made schools safer, rebuilt campuses and led one of the most dramatic improvements in student performance ... in American history. I am proud to stand by Monica in her historic run for City Council.”
Gloria Molina
Re. LA County Board of Supervisors

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